Thoughts on course preparation

The content of this learning module can be divided into two individual sections: 

  • Dealing with the question "Who owns my data? 
  • The presentation of the core statements of the GDPR. 

If the available teaching time is limited, here are some ideas and suggestions for implementation: 

  • Entry into the discussion "Who owns my data" via one of the following exercises. 
  • The topic of "personal rights" can be discussed using the following examples: 
    • The Barbara Streisand effect (see chapter 3.2.4 Problem: Right to erasure and to be forgotten).
    • CUMILA Wiki c3L01b - My data, my rights? (Using the Technoviking phenomenon as an example).
  • Presentation of the GDPR: 
    • Sense and purpose
    • What is personal data?
    • What does processing mean?
    • What rights do I have as a consumer?
  • Impact of the GDPR: 
    • Data storage outside the EU