Basic knowledge on the use of computers

What you should know: 


  • You should understand the differences between a PC, a smartphone and a tablet.
  • You should be able to name and explain the different parts of a device (like processor, working memory, etc.)
  • You should be able to explain the difference between an operating system and an app or a software
  • You should participants aware of the different units of measurement reg. data sized and bandwidth. 
  • You should make participants aware of the fact how the demand for file sizes and the supply of storage space has changed in recent years. 

Information on this: 

  • Chapters 1.1. to 1.4. in the module Technology.
  • CUMILA Wiki Exercise c1L01 - Knowing your device
  • CUMILA Wiki Exercise c1L02 - Hard- and Software
  • CUMILA Wiki Exercise c1L03 - Units of measurement and sizes