Manage information

What you should know: 

Managing information 

  • You should know ways to store website content and the advantages and disadvantages of each. In detail: 
    • Dealing with bookmarks in the browser
    • Saving web pages via the browser's "save" function
    • Saving web page content by copying and pasting it into a word processing programme, for example. 
  • You should be familiar with the safe use of bookmarks in the Internet browser.
    • Creating and deleting bookmarks
    • Manage bookmarks via the bookmark manager using a folder structure.

Information on this: 

  • Chapter 2.2. managing information in the module Information Search & Opinion Formation.
  • CUMILA Wiki Exercise c2L02 - Working with Bookmarks
  • CUMILA Wiki exercise c2L04 - Saving web pages
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each option can be found in the worksheet for exercise c2L04 - Saving web pages.

Read the relevant chapters in the module and, if necessary, work out the exercises mentioned yourself or prepare them for your lessons.