Thoughts on short preparation

The use of search engines and information sources is an important part of this module. 

If the available teaching time is limited, here are some ideas and suggestions for implementation: 

  • The big search engine comparison (Wiki c1L02) can be given out very well as preparation and homework. However, the results should then be discussed in plenary. 
  • The introduction to the use of search operators and the exercise "Learning Google" (Wiki c1L01) should be done in class. This can be done in plenary or in individual and group work. 
  • Tasks on "special search engines" (c1L03), "reverse image search" (c1L04) and changing the default search engine providers (c1L05) can certainly be handed out as pure practice tasks for at home. 
  • The topic "Verifying information" should again take place in class (Wiki c1L08)